Carodec construction | video explicative
quidos animation
AGORIA quidos animation

Les Quidos (paper cut animation) présentent et expliquent les choses dans des petites videos aussi simples que charmantes.



Mobility | ULB QUIDOS Chanel | animation serie

Bpost IBSR BIVV | QUIDOS formation
Cansat Belgium | education fun contestquidos animation cansat

Parking de covoiturage Wallonieparking
MHL wired (USA) | video explainer
Agoria federation des entreprises de l’industrie technologique.quidos animation

SPIE We move | communication internequidos animation SPIE moving
Bruxitizen Association | Video explicativequidos animation

Congret Belge de La route | video pour l'évenementquidos animation
Le boson expliqué aux enfants | Animation vidéo expliquative | English Francais
STOP cyberbullying Coface | Explainer video animationquidos animation cyberbullying

The Quidos (paper cut animation)
present and explain stuff in simple,
adorable video animations.


nobel quidos animation

(B) Dan Shechtman Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2011).


Les services aux étudiants | ULB QUIDOS Chanel | animation serie


Mobil 2040 | Bruxelles Mobilité / Brussel Mobiliteit

AGORIA technology fed Belgiumquidos animation AGORIA
On a voté pour... Covoiturage
Agoria federation des entreprises de l’industrie technologique.

quidos animation H2020 Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years
Small paper is good for a big program
Pikanote Startup | Elevator Pich videocrowdfunding quidos animation
L'application de covoiturage de la Région Wallonnequidos animation Région Wallonne
Child Focus International Cross-border Mediation: European Network of International Family Mediation quidos animation Child Focus

Urban mining | Recyclagequidos animation

(A) François Englert Nobel Prize in Physics using QUIDOS for the Nobelquidos animation Englert Brout Higgs

Low battery | Prince EA Facebook (+10.000.000 views ) quidos animation prince EA
Hipperos startup ULB | Elevator pich | Explainer video animationquidos animation RTOS
AG Real Estate | 0800 expliquéquidos animation AG Real Estate
International Year of Crystallography 2014 | UNESCO Explainer video animation quidos animation
EPODE EPHE | Prevent Child Obesityquidos animation Prevent Child Obesity
Parking de Covoiturage en Walloniequidos animation parking de covoiturage
The European Disability Forumquidos animation European Disability Forum
Inclusion EUROPE
La chaine QUIDOS de l'ULBquidos animation ULB université
RTBF Real Estae et Service
Les assiettes pour l'alimentation durable. Région Wallonnequidos animation Région Wallonne
FFPE a syndicate of European officialsFFPE quidos
Expo science international 2015 Expo 2015 quidos animation
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